About Us

Saving The Future is the mission statement of Excalibur Flooring. Our Bamboo flooring products are environmentally friendly and help reduce our dependence on dwindling timber resources.

We work very closely with manufacturers in China to ensure the selection of sustainably grown bamboo raw materials (Moso) to be matured in age at least 6 years or longer in well-controlled areas in Anhui and Zhejing Provinces in China. As American consumers become more and more aware of the importance of “Greenbuild” due to the increasingly dwindling global timber resources, bamboo became an alternative building material. This “Red Hot” bamboo flooring brings its uncommon beauty to our homes. Excalibur Flooring is proud to supply this renewable, refinish able and environmentally friendly product to the market.

The advanced production lines used to create our Bamboo flooring are imported from Germany and Italy are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The manufacturing process from raw material selection to final product is well controlled to ensure consistency of color and quality from year to year. Our dedication to excellence ensures quality bamboo products with very competitive prices.

About Bamboo

China has 4,000 years of history using bamboo products. Many ancient cultural bamboo artifacts were made for daily production and living purposes such as bamboo chopsticks, dishes, chairs and musical instruments, etc. Before paper was invented and developed, Chinese people used bamboo flakes as a way to record history for many generations. The flexibility and durability of bamboo products made this material very popular and reliable.

Botanically classified as a grass, bamboo matures into a merchantable size in three to five years compared with over two to four decades for most hardwood species. Controlled harvesting of the bamboo plant has very little impact on each individual stalk and adversely affects the plant, which will continue to grow long after harvesting. This is what makes bamboo such a renewable source of flooring material, and why it is often associated with environmentally minded choices for flooring. After harvest, the outer layer of green “skin” is removed and the round, hollow bamboo stems are sliced into lengthwise strips or “fillets”. These curved fillets of bamboo are milled along their outer edges in order to flatten them. The flattened fillets of bamboo are then boiled in water with preservatives. After this, they are kiln dried in order to remove the moisture in the bamboo to specified limit. The bamboo fillets are now ready to be glued together to make a solid, dependable surface that is more than suitable for flooring. In the final compression stage, the bamboo undergoes flat press and is processed into laminated boards, which makes it much more durable. To achieve the dark amber color, the bamboo is pressure steamed and undergoes carbonization. Hence it looks very similar to hardwood flooring.

What We Offer

  • Solid bamboo flooring in horizontal and vertical construction in either natural or carbonized color schemes.
  • Engineered bamboo flooring with 7 inches in width and 6 feet long plank for easy installation with patented inter-lock clicking system, they also come in horizontal and vertical construction in either natural or carbonized color schemes.
  • Our Ultra Strength woven bamboo flooring is beautiful, functional and durable. It is harder and more stable than traditional hardwoods; it can take a lot more punishment than average hardwood flooring; it’s kids and pets friendly too. It can also be used in high traffic areas
  • Our stained bamboo flooring suits any family settings that replace hardwood flooring with uncommon beauty and dollar sense.
  • Our exotic solid & engineered hand scraped (distressed) bamboo flooring is timeless and beautiful choice of floor covering. Normal wear and use continually adds to the unique character of the floor
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  • 25 year limited finish residential warranty